Experience / Innovation / Comfort

Ferretti Yachts was born in 1968 when brothers Alessandro y Norberto Ferretti created the first nautical division of the family business, then a specialist luxury car dealership.

In 1991, their first model, was greeted with great acclaim. It was a yate of 10 meters, equipped with both sails and an engine, was particularly comfortable, safe and with a very intuitive flair.

After the company began producing boats for sport fishing introducing revolutionary changes into the nautical engineering with the switch from sail to engine power.

Nowadays the Ferretti Yacht keeps a constant innovation du to searching new materials and the combination between maxim functionality, comfort on board and beautiful design. The experience accrued over the years du to Offshore competitions have made possible that the shipyard transfers the results of technological research conducted for sports competition to standard production.

Comfort is for Ferretti Yachts an irreplaceable element, as a whole of intelligent design and safety.